Press release:

Eye Surface, also known as Sįmõ, has re-emerged. While the Eye Surface project was conceived in 2015, and he has had previous releases on VNTGRD, the time has finally come for him to release his debut EP on the label. State of Nonexistence is out now on VNTGRD.

Born in Nador, Morocco, Sįmõ is a multidisciplinary artist of many talents. Along with his production chops, Oumoussa also designs and animates his own imagery. As for the music, the Eye Surface project contains more than meets the eye. The music is largely experimental, with hints of IDM, downtempo, glitch and urban influences. Comprised of layers upon layers of sound, Eye Surface is targeted to the older, more experienced electronic music listener.
Known for his stretched-glitch frequencies, Sįmõ aims to lead you into what he’s coined “an infinite-dimensional space of decibels.” It’s an experience that brings to mind both the distorted sounds of futuristic harmonies as well as those never-before-visited parallel ambiances. An innovative method deriving from the musical disorder.